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Reassesement art and crafts, lace, tatting, sewing and italian tailoring, painting on porcellain (european style and Italian like Richard Ginori) ancient Florentine embroidery.

For years now, everyone involved in social places available to all its professionality.Arte ancient and modern crafts.

Today you too can experience with us the ancient arts. We are in Italy and precisely in the fabulous city of art, Florence.

The association also wants to reassess the old crafts artianali that are increasingly disappearing. Our courses are Bolster, Tatting, Cutting and Sewing, Embroidery old Bolster and Painting on porcelain

Courses of Painting
to porcellain

Courses of Crochet

Courses of  Macramè

Tatting Courses

Courses of Lace

Courses in ancient Florentine Embroidery

Courses of sewing classes on fabric

Magda Painted to Hand
School of Italian Style

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Courses of knitting

Panel white ceramic enamel.
The panel was decorated entirely by hand by the teacher gathers the ins.te Magda.Esso decoir more feasible in the courses.
The technique used was that of the third fire. Continue ....
White glazed ceramic panel The panel is composed mattonelline
It represents "Italy seen from the boys." The panel was entirely decorated by the children of the school of Florence L. Pirandello under the supervision dlel'ins. Magda.l you 'album full of pictures ...

And 'active at the Association Magda hand-decorated service attvivo Consultation volumes.
Are you a student? you have to do a thesis? Do you love reading?
You love poetry and would like to explore some themes?
So take it, come to us and ask for consultation or loan of more than 500 texts.
You'll find a wide range of books, categorized according to modern canons,
inventoried and easy access.
You'll find collections of selected volumes on the art of pottery and porcelain over the centuries,
edition also no longer on ristampa.Volumi brands in porcelain and ceramic. Volumes in English and German.
Encyclopedias theme (art-kitchen-poetry)
and even novels of author (and contemporary fiction)
autobiographical texts of the vicissitudes of African migrants (books published by smaller publishers)
volumes of torture over the centuries, magazines (all editions of Quark, Geo)
The "Giornale dei Misteri" (no longer in print-years 1991/1993 onwards) chronicles,
unpublished texts written by our authors, sections on arts and crafts, and more.

The association is looking for new volumes, also gives you your own! Read more ...

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You too can help us become great! "Our aim now is to add new members, create new friends so that we can bring light and more opportunities to those who know they can create and promote cultural exchanges by proposing concretive activities and especially for all the all as by States.
This area in fact, include new elements capable of restoring luster to the ancient crafts.
The sector is very broad  more areas.
It ranges from the embroidery industry, new and classic, to traditional works of crochet, to ferrri, works in knitwear.
Will continue with work on a variety of surface decorations, such as wood, glass and many others in the implementation phase.
Materialize also projects for integrating young people in workshops.
All this in order to ensure continuity between the new and the old. Necessary to establish a strong link with the ancient crafts which are, unfortunately gradually disappearing and more and more serious thing just to make room for an end to the sterile consumerism itself.
The primary purpose of the new branch, therefore, should be to share among the various partners, new experiences related to old world craftsmanship, until landing the new proposals and ideas with new crafts. This ambitious project will be a stimulus to engage the new generation. Young people seem to be very scattered, listless and seemingly superficial.
Increasingly, however, the data show us that the real needs of the children are always the same as those of our grandparents! Loyalty to the bottom, always cultivate good intentions, have new ideas to discover new stimuli, to dream in building a better world make a lot voluntary in Europe because we enjoy the reputation of being very active in this area and we are placed among the top places.
In contrast to the pervasive sense of superficiality to which we are accustomed always modernization and the media, the boys seem more than ever growing need rules and points of riferimento.
We have then of any purpose including those traditionally long, meticulous and causing intense satisfaction only after long preparations.
They lead first and only after great sacrifices and we will achieve the final results.

The cultural association Magda hand-decorated Florentine evaluate projects for social
presented by:
• Public schools,
•recreational center for young people
• sporting associations and social centers for groups
• Cultural Associations ONLU •
• municipalities, provincial, regional, national Patronati • • private facilities. • addressed to the social structures in general.
The projects must be submitted no later than June 2009.
Those responsible for such structures can present their projects relevant to the social through the channels outlined below.
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Present your projects. Read more ...

We are a group of coming from teacher from i Managed Regional Professional centers from the old laborers of the Richard Ginori.
We were students in far away 1990: teaching now.
Today, we are strongly motivates to you towards the expansion of the decorative technique of the third fire.
The creative engagement of the is equal to the professional engagement applied from teaching. In egual measure they will only be able to be obtained optimal turns out to you. The professionality of our teacher is always and equal to the demands for every student who gets ready to itself with curious and spirit to learn.
The tenacity to the spreading and the love towards, of teaching ours, is equal to the great engagement applied. It turns out obtained to you have been always optimal.

Run ours have been start to you in several the social degrees, beginning from the medium schools, from the farm holidays, from the several associations, until arriving in the Professional Centers.
(You see School Building of Florence)
To engage the young people and the adults, fascinating them with antichi trades has been and is, a constant and full engagement of wonderful satisfactions.
Ours staff daily and professionally in order to assure a ready participation acting in the modification weekly magazine of the course and to apply the appropriate methodology the requirements of every single corsista can be satisfied.
Write with the card you will be entitled to many benefits.
The foreign students have been and will be always very received in our artistic community, and often the parts of the world remember us with affection reciprocating with thousand postcards colored from all.
All our students, in the course of several the years, have been always motivate to you from the engagement to learn antichi trades that unfortunately stretch to always disappear every day more.
The fine ones will be that one to continue and to always improve more the several performances and turns out to you. PS
Within the Association Hand made -Magda Decori a mano-
there is a great library specific about the world of porcellana.
In these texts can be traced back to some of the most famous brands on porcelain.


Here are the steps:
Creating models using the molds,
Inclusion in large ovens for cooking,
Opening the molds, mold release,
Corrections burrs with the help of lathes, immersion in enamels, last but not least;
The Association Magda hand decorated explains the ins. Magda for many years dealing with spread over the courses of painted decoration on porcelain with similar technique also the history of Richard Ginori porcelain over the centuries.
EDI courses and other types such as antique Florentine embroidery, the art of Humpty, and the courses and cutting
This choice was dictated by the revaluation of ancient crafts and all these arts are executed entirely by hand!.
After meticulous and painstaking research carried out in these long years, our Association has become a flower in the 'eye for the dissemination of the artistic culture of the pottery.
All this thanks to 'help of good and wise experts.
By consulting literature in our possession and with the daily use of specific volumes, we were able to carry out a detailed history is available here for those who want to deepen and specific sectoral issues.
The plunge in history, and we will do forever, will pass through several countries in different historical eras and analyze in depth the ages and periods in which the porcelain and its brilliance was more influential.
The creative ability of skilled artisans in the court of kings, and their trials and evolution was the prerogative of a select few (for a long time reigned the "secret" of the creation thereof)
Trade el 'export of the pottery over the centuries was often subject to influences, more or less documented.
Discover, search, and then everything has been documented in many ways a difficult undertaking, but we feel socially useful as it is in the spirit of our association.
We'll cover the most flourishing industries in Europe in the "700 times until we get our" modern "and more.
See also the Arab production in distant times and more. Anyone wishing to make a further contribution, you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Your ideas will be welcome and some will be included in a program of merit given to our members
Go to the discovery of beautiful books about the world of decoration.

TYPE OF COURSE porcelain painting.


The courses are divided into:
Lessons of painted decoration on porcelain
Third-Fire-(Baking 750 °)
-Theory and practice -
The courses of high-painted decoration on porcelain, given the peculiarities of the same technique of reference (array similar italian style like classic Richard Ginori) can never be improvised.
Therefore they take place respecting the precise patterns of teaching.
They relate to the times, modes and special features that follow are listed here. The images refer to the actual exercises that you can play.

Basic Course of painted decoration on porcelain

It shall be as follows:
The basic course is conducted under conditions of frequency once a week.
The day is decided according to user requests.
Often takes place in one day a week.
Is usually after evening or afternoon. (18/30-20/30).
All the accessories to decorate the porcelain will be provided in the course.


For subscriptions and to know in detail the costs of various types is preferable to call the teacher at the courses Ins.te Magda at 329 2019629.
Alternatively, call during office hours at 055 7096908
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